SeeVC co-founder and CEO Shivam Sood

Story of SeeVC – Leveraging AI in Education

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Every child has the right to education. Due to global lockdowns close to 900 million children worldwide have been affected with school closures and lack of adequate education access. Out of this, about 247 million children are in India. This lack of access could pave way for child labor, demotivation in the minds of students, rise of unskilled workforce, to name a few. What if education in India could be made far more accessible and within the reach of even the remotest of the villages using online tools?

SeeVC is a Delhi-based technology startup that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to build products for the education sector.

Founded in 2020 by Shivam Sood and Lark Aakarshan, SeeVC has already deployed cognitive and emotional AI to track emotions and students online to provide offline-like engagement in an online environment.

Emotion AI is a subset of artificial intelligence that measures, understands, simulates, and reacts to human emotions. Emotion AI when integrated with Video Conferencing applications will have powerful benefits.

Presently in the beta mode, some of the educational institutions are using the app to run online classes, where teachers and administrators are getting real-time analytics like student engagement level, attention span, recording of the live session for viewing it later, two-way audio-video for higher engagement, and greater security.

 “We are building SeeVC with an aim to help education institutions embrace online learning with an experience of a real classroom. Our vision is to open access to the best teachers and courses for students living anywhere in India and around the globe to have the best shot at receiving a quality education, which helps them shape their career for success.”

– Shivam Sood, Founder and CEO

The startup, which started its operations as a bootstrapped venture, has recently raised $100,000 in seed funding from Jimmy Singh – a Sweden-based angel investor. It intends to use this seed funding for hiring, and for onboarding more schools and colleges on its technology platform.

SeeVC aims to reach 100 schools by the end of the year and facilitate a total of at least 2,500 meetings or classes per day on their platform.

“Amidst the ongoing pandemic, I saw a huge gap in the market for a tool assisting in distance learning. When I learnt about SeeVC, there was no doubt in my mind that they have the potential to be the future of online learning.”

– Jimmy Singh, Founder and CEO, Singh Nordic Group

By early 2022, there is expected to be a 6.3 times growth to $1.7billion in the online education market for Grades 1-12.

According to Jimmy Singh, SeeVC’s capability to deploy cognitive science, coupled with AI and ML, will be a game-changer not only for online education, but can also find applications in other sectors.

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