OurEye.ai Co-founders Miran Junaidi (left), Sourav Sanyal (middle) and Saurabh Ghanekar (right)

Story of OurEye.ai – Bringing Cameras to Life!

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Ever wondered what would happen if CCTVs never existed? Businesses would inevitably suffer losses due to lack of monitoring of workplace activity. Even if people were to be hired to do this job, that would mean additional employment, additional costs for the business, and multiple follow ups on them. How cool it would be if the entire process of monitoring and analyzing of workplace activity were to be automated, so the businesses could go stress-free?

OurEye.ai is a real-time video analytics platform that enables enterprises to supercharge their business with video analytics. The company leverages pre-existing CCTV-IP infrastructure and monitors a variety of standard operating procedures across industry checklists.

OurEye.ai, the Bengaluru-based startup, was launched in August 2020 by Sourav Sanyal, Miran Junaidi and Saurabh Ghanekar – all of them were students of SRM University and in their final year of study when this idea was sparked.

Some of the cutting-edge features of the platform are:

  • One-shot model training
  • Custom object detection
  • Live admin Dashboard
  • Automated attendance
  • Person detection
  • Custom SOP detection
  • Activity tracking
  • CRON compatibility

Some of the areas where the company’s platform is deployed are:

  • Complete hygiene monitoring – Cleaning on time, emptying of dustbins at scheduled days, handwashing, littering in workplace, etc.
  • Equipment monitoring – Hairnets, gloves, hard hats, eyewear, Kevlar, etc.
  • Customer experience – Peak hours, time spent in store, details of an aisle, age, etc.
  • Other areas such as Fire and violent behavior monitoring, electricity monitoring, security team presence

OurEye.ai ensures complete process compliance and remote monitoring and assures of workplace safety and reliable data security. What’s more, the platform also gives businesses insights into how they can increase their market value and increase in trust with their customers with the help of the live admin dashboard. The percentage of successful facial recognition is up to 90%. Due to this nature, the platform is majorly deployed by the Food & Beverage, Workplace Safety and Retail verticals.

“SaaS 2.0 is just the beginning of a new range of products that incorporates customizations to help businesses dive deep vertically into use cases that would enable them to make better data-driven decisions. We’re in an exciting space where businesses have so many processes and for us to create a possibility in a way that allows us to scale, deliver solutions faster and create a sustainable business model is key.”

– Sourav Sanyal, Co-founder

These are some of the data highlights of the OurEye.ai platform:

  • Over 5000+ hours of video feed analyzed
  • 138k+ SOP Compliance monitored
  • 500k+ customers insights provided
  • 500k+ people screened

The startup has recently raised $120k from a clutch of angel investors, including 100X.VC and Amara Ventures.

“CCTVs are a ubiquitous element of our modern life. However, presently they are used mostly in retrospect, after an event has occurred. It is a sinful waste of data and information that just lies idle until laboriously and manually checked up. But with OurEye’s technology, a business owner, corporation, organization can actually put its CCTVS to use for quality and compliance purposes. The scope of the concept cuts across various industries and domains and is endless in principle. Moreover, being hardware agnostic makes it highly and rapidly scalable.”

– Minal Desai, Partner, Amara Ventures

The startup’s services and products are currently in use by 11 different companies across 17 different outlets and is generating revenues. OurEye.ai is planning to sign up international clients in the next 18 months, with a target of getting 500,000 AI-enabled cameras.

With machine learning and artificial intelligence playing a key role in today’s age, the company is all set to transform the world with no human intervention.

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