Nexprt Co-founder Harsha Vardhan K

Story of Nexprt – Building the Future of Global Trade

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When it comes to exports, the trade of manufactured goods faces both logistical and abstract challenges at every step along the way, right from leaving the port till it penetrates the new market. This includes unclear logistical planning, inexperience with Border Control and Distribution laws, disagreement due to interest rate fluctuations, etc. The pandemic has triggered the uncertainty over delivery commitments.

Nexprt aims to solve this problem by identifying gaps in the fragmented MSME market and crafting structural solutions. In an industry where problems are aplenty, Nexprt seeks to elevate MSME manufacturers to global standards, and bring much needed predictability in the export supply chain.

Nexprt, the Delhi-based startup, is a cross-border digital commerce platform that connects MSMEs from India and global importers. It simplifies global trade by providing a ‘Reliable, High Quality, and One-Stop Solution’ for all trade needs.

The startup was founded in 2020 by Harsh Vardhan K, Manav Garg and Kunal Jain. It offers end-to-end and 100% customized import solutions, and currently deals in home décor and hospitality segments across kitchenware, carpets, and handicrafts. It leverages technology to offer quality metrics, improved user experience, and quick product development to build a global brand.

Here are the key features which make Nexprt stand out in global trade:

  • Best in-class processes, practices and people in the trade, attributing to high quality manufacturing
  • Industry experts work on designing the best products using customer feedback from over 40 countries in the world
  • Superior pricing brought about by cutting middlemen and efficient manufacturing processes
  • In-house inspection team that sends their clients weekly updates on quality and delivery metrics
  • End-to-end operations handled seamlessly
  • 100% clarity on the status and progress of the orders

Keeping in mind the three pillars of sustainability – the economy, the society and the environment, Nexprt provides sustainable packaging to avoid depletion of the natural resources in our environment. Nexprt is a member of the EPCH and CEPC (Export promotion councils for handicrafts and carpets in India).

During May this year, Nexprt met 800+ visitors spanning 35+ countries during the Virtual IHGF Delhi Fair 2021, which serves as an iconic international connect to India’s leading manufacturers for Home, Lifestyle, Fashion, Textiles and Furniture segments. These visitors provided value additions to the transition to digital engagement in international trade.

Nexprt has recently raised $200,000 funding from Titan Capital and other angel investors. The startup plans to utilize this funding for building its core team and strengthening its product-market fit.

“We aim to democratize manufacturing and build supply chain predictability for small businesses across the globe, allowing them to compete with large corporations in terms of their product sourcing and manufacturing needs.”

– Harsha Vardhan K, Co-founder

Cross-border ecommerce is projected to have strong potential for the MSME segment in India, as they produce goods that are largely used by the retailers.

NASSCOM, in association with Technopak, has published a report titled, “Retail 4.0: India story – Unlocking Value through Online and Offline Collaborations.” This report estimates that exports from the MSME segment could touch $125 billion by 2030 from the current level of $2.1 billion.

India’s share in global cross-border ecommerce was only 0.2 percent in FY 2020 and has the potential to touch 8.9 percent by FY 2030.

With feedback, appreciation, and momentum, Nexprt continues to re-invent industry standards on design, TAT and packaging as part of its mission to redefine global trade.

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