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Story of FixHealth – A Patient-Centric Approach to Redefine Physiotherapy

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“Oh, my aching back” is a phrase you’ve no doubt heard before. Not to mention another common type of pain – joint pain.

You are working from home; the support staff isn’t coming. So, from working on ergonomic furniture in office to working out of your bed for 10 hours while you also sweep & cook – your life has taken a full turn!

What happens? BACK PAIN. The once aching SHOULDER starts paining again due to lifting the heavy grocery bag.

What do you do now? Search to see if there is a solution online.

Is online physiotherapy even effective? How does the person get rid of pain without machines or touch?

This was the question nagging in the mind of Ashutosh Mundhada, that sparked the creation of FixHealth startup (formerly YourPhysio).

FixHealth was started with the mission to make people free from Back and Joint pain via physiotherapy. It is a startup that aims to harness the power of technology to provide care in the most-patient centric approach.

This Indian startup has proved that online physiotherapy has been effective across age, gender, occupation & could treat over 200+ conditions of back & joint. It has published a research paper in the International Journal of Physiotherapy & Research to that effect.

YourPhysio at startup-showcase
FixHealth (formerly YourPhysio) amongst the selected startup for the start-up showcase at the TiE Pune Healthcare Summit 2017 (PC: LinkedIn)

During the period of 2017-2019, the startup setup 3 standardized, process-driven brick & mortar physiotherapy clinics. It also designed a multi-stage training process for physiotherapists to bring accuracy & consistency in the assessment & treatment of the patient condition.

With the vision to bring pain relief to millions of people, digital physiotherapy was started in March 2020 by BITS Pilani alum Ashutosh Mundhada and Dr. Sheetal Mundhada. From Nagpur to the National Capital of Delhi, FixHealth’s first three months of online physiotherapy enabled access to quality physiotherapy care to Indians spread across the country. The startup saw instant uptake of its online physiotherapy service as it spread to 100+ cities within a few months.

“Back and joint pain is a large and growing problem around the world. With FixHealth, we are solving for access to high-quality physiotherapy care. Our online service is as effective as offline care as it is based on first principles. Also, it is really easy to adhere – with zero travel and wait time, patients can conveniently fit online treatment in their daily schedule,”

– Ashutosh Mundhada, co-founder and chief executive officer, FixHealth

Ashutosh feels that his anchor is to facilitate a patient to get rid of their pain, via the systems he built without himself being a doc – that’s a feeling you can’t put $ value on! He also adds, “What keeps me going at FixHealth has been some extraordinary stories of seemingly ordinary people.” The startup has 1000+ happy patients who thank them.

The company has recently raised $350,000 in a pre-seed funding round led by Better Capital. The round also saw participation from Snapdeal founders Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal’s Titan Capital and BITS Pilani angel investors Sarath Sura, Venu Palaparthi, and V.P. Rajesh.

The startup aims to use this funding to grow its engineering and customer experience team to establish a robust platform for scale.

In India, an estimated 220 million people suffer from musculoskeletal conditions that affect joints, bones, muscles, and ligaments – these can be successfully treated through online physiotherapy sessions. With the advancement in digital technology, this service is set to heal and positively impact millions of lives not only in India, but also globally.

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