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Interview with Personal Brand Kushal Kulkarni

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Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing a Personal Brand Kushal Kulkarni. Kushal hails from Karnataka. He is a budding Affiliate Marketer in ClickFunnels and has developed a like-minded community of his own. He is also launching his own product in August 2021. Here is the exciting interview with Kushal Kulkarni for you!

Sowmya: Hey Kushal, how are you? Glad to interview yourself as a growing Personal Brand!

Kushal: It gives me great pleasure to share my growth story with you today, Sowmya!

Sowmya: Awesome! Can you tell me an introduction about yourself and how you started your career?

Kushal: I used to work in a 9-5 job at a company and other than that, I also ran my own business. Because of a physical challenge of improper eyesight, I had to stop my agency business and my job in 2020.

Sowmya: I am sure that must have been quite a trying time for you.

Kushal: Yes, it was! The world was shut due to Covid, I was looking for something that I could work from home.

Sowmya: So Kushal, tell me about your transformation from a non-digital marketer to a digital marketer.

Kushal: I started looking for a good digital marketing program and came across Digital Deepak’s Digital Internship program. I gained lot of value out of the program, and the best part is, I came in contact with a person who was an affiliate marketer. He introduced me to ClickFunnels. I enrolled into one of the challenges of ClickFunnels during May 2021. That was the turning point of my life. From that point, I started learning and implementing things which were in favor of my growth. From then onwards, I never looked back and am continuously developing myself.

Sowmya: What is your earnings so far in Affiliate Marketing?

Kushal: On my 1st day of enrolment, I earned $100 and I was super-excited for the journey!

On my 28th day, I earned $1000 as affiliate commission.

I started building my community right from Day 1, because I felt serving the community is the major reason for one’s growth. There are around 40+ people in my community now.

Facebook Live came in front of me, it is giving an opportunity to know about myself in a new way every day. I have completed 64 FB Lives as of date.

From that, I felt like this is the area where I can work. With all the learnings, I am launching my own product.

Sowmya: Sounds great, Kushal! I wish you continued success in growing your Personal Brand!

Kushal: Thank you, Sowmya! Wishing you, too, likewise!

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